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If you want to see your ancestors way back log into the Church of the Latter Day Saints program.

It is free and pretty easy. They have a very large database contributed by many people.

After you log in start your tree.  You can just type in your parents and grandparents. Your entire genealogy should then be available.  Some of the lines go way back to big mucky mucks, which makes sense since they were rich and had many descendants, who also left many descendants. 

Have fun

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Peter and Dority "Dolly" Hart

"Descendants of Peter and Dority Hart 1740-1995 Virginia and North Carolina and Allied Families" by Ruth Gibbs Hart and Karen L. Cooper

Dority "Dolly" Hart (maiden name unknown) was born ca 1745 and died between 1810-1820 in Prathers Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina (present day Alleghany County, North Carolina).

She married ca mid 1760's to Peter Hart Sr. (born ca 1740 and died between 1814-1820 Prathers Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina.) The name "Dority Hart" is found on a property deed in Grayson County, Virginia where she and Peter sold land in 1806, Ashe County, NC to their son Peter JR Hart.

Son John Hart's August 18, 1855 death record for Meadow Creek, Whitley County, Kentucky names his mother as "Dolly" or "Sally". Note; this name is very hard to read and can be either of these two names, however, I make it out as "Dolly".

It has also been suggested by a researcher, that her maiden name might have been "Cantor" or by other researchers that it might have been "Doherty" instead of her given name.
Proof is needed.

Note; There are a number of families named Dority in North Central South Carolina. It seems likely that Peter Hart and Dority may have been either from South Carolina and were married there or lived there before the Revolution.

Dority and Peter were the parents of nine children.
1, James Hart born 1768
2, Mark Hart born Abt. 1770, married to Barbara Kirk on September 17, 1800 in Grayson County Virginia.
3, Margaret (Mahala) Hart born Bet. 1772 - 1774, NC, married Abt. 1796 to Stephen Floyd.
4, William Hart born Abt. 1775, Montgomery/Grayson CO., VA, married Abt. 1798, VA or NC to Mary Cadwell (Caldwell).
5, Peter Jr. Hart born 1780, NC, married Hannah Poe, May 18, 1801, Jefferson, Ashe CO., NC.
6, John Hart born February 20, 1780, Grayson CO., VA, first marriage to Permelia Morgan, Abt. 1800, Grayson.
Second marriage, Lydia Rains, May 10, 1827, Whitley County Kentucky.
7, Nancy Hart born Abt. 1784, Grayson CO., VA, married to Andrew Hash, February 25, 1805, Grayson CO., VA.
8, Stephen Hart born 1785, Montgomery (now Grayson) CO., VA., married to Sarah Bradford, May 30, 1805, Grayson CO., VA.
9, Unknown Son that may have been David born after 1785.

Pearl Harlan's ancestors

Peter Hart Snr (Revolutionary War Veteran)

Peter Hart Jnr

William Morgan Hart (Blackhawk War Vet)

Missouri America Hart

Minnie Jane Lockridge

Pearl Harlan Hullinger

Clifford Hullinger  

This report prepared by 23 and Me. shows the genetic heritage of Clifford Harlan Hullinger. The Native American heritage comports with our paper genealogy. Clif's maternal gg great grandmother was Ianahanna Poe, who was part or full Native American. 23 and Me estimates Clif's Native American ancestor to be born between 1770 and 1650, which includes Ianhanna Poe and four of her ancestors.

GenerationYearAncestorPercent23andMe Projected Native Ancestor
101650UnknownEstimated range for our 100% Native Ancestor
91680Unknown" "
81710Unknown" "
71740Unknown" "
61770Hannah (Ianhanna) Poe 1780-1871" "
51800Rebecca Morgan Hart 1816-1891
41830Missouri America Hart 1841-1925
31860Minnie Jane Lockridge 1869-1968
21890Pearl Harlan Hullinger 1895-1993
11920Clif Harlan Hullinger 1920-0.3%Actual percent Native American

Got this from a relative who found me through Clif Hullinger's DNA.  She and we are related to Ian

Thanks for the links Craig!  The story about Missouri America was great.  For a little on the Hart family history in Pennsylvania I suggest reading the story posted on Find-a-Grave for John Hart and his wife Susanna Rush Hart.  John emigrated from Oxfordshire and bought land from William Penn:  "By deeds of lease and release dated October 12, 1681, he (John Hart) purchased of William Penn of Worminghurst, county of Surry, England, Proprietary of Pennsylvania, 1000 acres of land to be laid out in the Province of Pennsylvania." John Hart was a member of Colonial Assembly from Philadelphia county, 1683 and 1684, and signed the first "Form of Government" 2mo. 2, 1683"  Susanna was a descendent of John "Old Trooper" Rush who served under Cromwell in the English Civil War and was the ancestor of Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

Monday, 23 April 2018


A very nice video about our Hullinger/Harlan Clan.

The title says it all. John F. and Pearl Hullinger and their clan.

Friday, 2 February 2018


DNA Tests

We have done several DNA tests. The results are below. Each test is a little different, although basically the same.  National Geographic is a little more ancient and does not break their results down by nation. Your results will be somewhat similar.

British and Irish32.830.023andMe combines Irish, Scottish, and English
Ireland, Scotland, Wales11.0Ancestry separates British from Irish and Scottish
French and German1.7
Finnish (+Russian Ancestry)0.41.0Ancestry includes Russian with Finish
Europe West6.023andMe does not have a Europe West category
Broadly Northwestern European26.544.0
Total Northern European95.292.044.0
Iberian1.08.0National Genographic Ancestry more ancient
Italian0.7Ancestry and 23andMe more recent
Broadlly southern European0.6
Total Mediterranean2.58.034.023andMe and Ancestry call it southern European
Eastern European0.7
Askenazi Jewish0.1
Broadly European1.123andMe has more interesting small results
Native American0.3
Middle Eastern and North African0.1
Southwest Asian20.0Southwest Asian Category on Geographic

The Haplogroups below are for Clifford Hullinger.  All children of Pearl Harlan share the maternal haplogroup.  And all of the female ancestors and descendants on the maternal line from Pearl share this same Haplogroup.  

All males descended from John Hullinger and all of their paternal ancestors share the paternal halplogroup. The paternal haplogroup is also referred to as j2a4h2 and we have more info about it at

Our genealogy is shown on the charts below.